Monday, December 31, 2007

Gifts for Aquarius

People born within Jan 20-Feb 19 are independent, intellectual, individualistic with a sense of humor but tend to be unemotional at times. They would always love something uncommon or very much individualistic as a birthday gift, true to their nature. So, even if you give a Aquarian a photo album then you can personalize it with a poem or with a monogram. It will make him or her happy.

The Aquarius lady are big readers, so books can be a good option. Otherwise, Aqua Glass Pendant,unique paperweight, keyring, jewelleries, stylish bags, trendy clothes or anything that is different. One can give a Aquarius male latest gadgets like iPhone, slick digital cameras, the latest iPods, cool T-shirts, sports watches, golf gift baskets, unique souvenirs or anything that is not common. For any person whose zodiac sign is Aquarius, the most important thing is the depth of feelings with the gift. Even if you give a flowers bouquet, try to make it special by selecting the most uncommon precious flowers.

Anyways, Happy New Year.