Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Celebrity Birthdays!

Tomorrow is Halloween and everyone is geared up for the occasion. I know someone whose birthday is also on Halloween day. So she is going to have double celebrations tomorrow! Do you know how many well known people were born on this day? I was surfing the net and got a list of the celebrities who were born on the last day of October.

John Keats (1795) English Poet
Dale Evans (1912) Actor
Peter Jackson (1961) Filmmaker
Dunga (1963) Brazillian footballer
Vanilla Ice (1968) Singer
Steve Cox ( 1974) Athelete
Justin Chatwin (1982) Actor

and many more.

Here is a poignant poem written by John Keats on birthday whose 202nd birthday anniversary would be celebrated tomorrow.

To My Brothers
John Keats
Small, busy flames play through the fresh-laid coals,
And their faint cracklings o'er our silence creep
Like whispers of the household gods that keep
A gentle empire o'er fraternal souls.
And while for rhymes I search around the poles,
Your eyes are fixed, as in poetic sleep,
Upon the lore so voluble and deep,
That aye at fall of night our care condoles.
This is your birthday, Tom, and I rejoice
That thus it passes smoothly, quietly:
Many such eves of gently whispering noise
May we together pass, and calmly try
What are this world's true joys, -ere the great Voice
From its fair face shall bid our spirits fly.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

History of the "Happy Birthday Song"

Do you know that the song “ Happy Birthday” is under copyright? Did you have any idea that originally this song was done to wish good morning in classes?
It might make you astonished, but there are many interesting facts behind this timeless universal birthday song without which any birthday celebration is incomplete.

The origin of Happy Birthday song dates back to the early 1890's when two American sisters, Mildred Hill and Patti Hill composed the song. While Mildred is believed to have made the tune Patti put the lyrics “Good morning dear teacher, good morning to you”. It was meant for classroom greeting song as both the sisters were related to the field of education. While Patty was a schoolteacher developing the "Patty Hill blocks" and was a faculty member at Columbia University Teachers College, Mildred was also an educator who later on became a composer, pianist and organist. The song "Good Morning to All"can be found in the book Song Stories for the Kindergarten which was written by the sisters and published in 1893.

It is still unclear who changed the lyrics to “Happy Birthday to you” and for what reason, but it was first published in early 1920's

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Birthday Song

I found a birthday song by Sir Paul McCartney. Paul, who once had been part of the Beatles group later used to sing solo after the break up of the group. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Birthday Party on Halloween

Are you still scratching your head for the ideal recipes for the Birthday party of your close one which incidentally falls on the day Halloween. Well,when you have two events on the same day then the best thing is to combine both the themes while selecting the menus. So instead of the regular strawberry or chocolate birthday cake, surprise the celebrant with a spooky goofy cake or can order the ghost shaped or graveyard looking cake from any online store.

Then in the main course some traditional Halloween items like Vampire Punch , Bat Wing Soup ,Jack o' lantern pizza along with the usual birthday treats like Flapjack Party Stack and Apple Salad.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Birthday Gift for Boss

Today is Boss's Day. What if it is your boss's birthday too? Then there is no better way to thank him than presenting him nice birthday gift like a nice photo frame, personalized business card cases or a chic leather notebook along with a nice birthday card. After all we all feel special if we are showered with gifts on our birthday, especially from an someone we don't expect.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Gifts for 30th Birthday on Halloween

Isn't it a coincidence that when I was writing about birthday celebration for 30th birthday, I heard that my colleague's wife will turn thirty on this Halloween. My colleague is going to give a surprise Halloween birthday party for her and has invited me. I was looking for some gifts for adults which will serve the purpose of both Halloween and birthday.
I found some unique accessories like necklace with a pendant of pirate skull , Costume boots which can be great Halloween birthday gifts. Then there are the pumpkin shaped treat filled Cookie Jars or the Haunting Halloween candle sets. I am in dilemma whether I should go for the cookie jar or the Halloween votives!!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

30th Birthday and ahead

Ever have this fear that you are becoming old? Especially when you turn thirty often you are reminded of the responsibilities. You are warned about the health problems, advised to make careful future plans and blah blah blah... But hey don't feel low because you are aging. Instead, hum the song “My Next Thirty Years" and dream about the future...

Here you will find the lyrics
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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Party ideas when turning 30

Turning 30 can be a little depressing as it gives a sense of feeling aged with whole lots of responsibilities in life. But 30th birthday party can be as vibrant and youthful as before. A common idea is to bring back the time when the person was born. Make the theme of the party be the late 70's . Ask the guests to wear the old bell-bottom pants and the jackets that were so popular at that time. Play the old chart busters and the pop music of the 70's to rock the party .For those water-loving people beach parties with surfing and scuba diving can be a exciting. Or if one plans to be a little extravagant then a party on a cruise with great food and lively music will be worth remembering.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Gifts for 30th Birthday

Is there anyone going to turn 30 soon and still you are scratching your head for the right gift? After all everyone loves gifts and it becomes a gratifying experience if our gifts can brings a sunshine smile on the face of the birthday boy or girl. Well, "boy" or "girl" might not be the right term to use for a thirty year old man or woman but what's in a age? After all even at sixty you can feel to be sixteen. ;)

Selection of gifts for adults sometimes can be troublesome, specially if anyone wants to deviate from usual trend of presenting apparels, watches, or diaries. The first and foremost thing to remember while buying a gift is to keep in mind the taste and preference of the person.

If he or she is tech savvy then surprise them with the latest gizmos. You can check out online shopping websites to know about the new stuffs that are coming in the market. If the celebrant loves sports then the new Nike+ipod SportsKit (http://www.gifts.com/personality/the-all-star-athlete/ohMr10aicp9s) can be a nice gift. Or may be polarised Sport sunglasses.

Another gift to pamper your loved one are the spa gift baskets elegantly packaged. Souvenirs are the timeless gifts - if you are in a dilemma whether your gift will be at all useful , then stick to giving a nice souvenir . It will always remind them about you.

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