Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Birthday Gifts For Father

The pillar of strength, the caring father, the guardian angel- a man plays many roles in a child's life. So, when it comes to his birthday, there must be something very special to surprise him on his birthday. It's not difficult to know the likes and dislikes of dad. So, choosing the right kind of birthday gift for him is quiet an easy job.

For those fathers, who still love sports, anything related to his favorite sport can be given as a gift on his birthday. Like a wooden chessboard or golf club kit having essentials like tees, golf balls, sunscreen etc or even a gym bag. For the one who needs to be health conscious and do exercises regularly, an electronic walker will be an ideal birthday gift.

The dads who are tech savvy then there are loads of things for them- the revolutionary 16 GB, 3.5 inch widescreen iPod , the Apple Macbook, digital frames, digital camera like Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1K Black Digital Camera and of course, the iPhone.

For those dads who love to party and have fun, poker games, wine glasses, a collection of CDs of his favorite band can be some of the options. There are also the common gifts like the watches, the headphone, diaries, photo albums, coffee mugs, cologne, food baskets. Whatever you might give to your dad, spend some quality time with him and make him feel special on this special day.