Friday, August 31, 2007

Celebrity Birthdays on Labor Day: Charlie Sheen, Ashley Jones, The B. G.

Charlie Sheen, Ashley Jones and the rapper B.G. are going to be celebrating their birthdays this Labor Day so here's a Happy Birthday Greeting to them!

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Charlie Sheen is going to be 42 (already!). I love his 80s movies especially the Hot Shot series. Of course I love the Scary Movies too. He's still very very funny. I tried looking for his MySpace profile but I couldn't find it. All I could find was his profile on the 911 truth stuff. You can check it out at MySpace.

I'm not into Soap Operas but my mom is. And the soap opera star Ashley Jones is going to have her birthday. She's turning 31. Not bad for a person that age and her career going well.

The B.G. is also having his birthday. The rapper who's most famous for his 'Cash is the Army' album. Here's the video of his song:

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