Monday, March 5, 2007

Birthday Parties – Are they more work or real celebrations?

Birthday parties for kids these days are becoming more and more materialistic. Kids have to get the latest PS2 games, wii, or the latest iPod. Kids are facing more and more big parties and parents are overindulging – almost to the point of spoiling -- with too many presents. Birthdays Without Pressure lists the following consequences for kids --

  • They feel entitled to what they want, not just want they need.

  • They feel envious of friends who get more—and someone will always get more.

  • They feel disappointed, because enough is never enough.

  • Long term, they develop materialistic values that equate personal celebrations with accumulating things.

Do you have a kid? Do you think your child goes through this stuff emotionally? What about when you were young? Did you have parties that you couldn't handle? Do you equate personal celebrations with material things now?

Holla back let me know.

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