Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Shaq, Marilyn Manson and Gabriel García Márquez ??!

There are three celebrities who were born on this date. In celebration of Same Day Birthdays, you can check out these ecards --

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Name: Gabriel García Márquez

Birthday: March 6, 1927

Zodiac: Pisces

Profession: Novelist, journalist, publisher, political activist and a Nobel laureate

Marquez is regarded as one of the greatest 20th century authors of South America. He's the father of the film director Rodrigo Garcia (Six Feet Under and Carnivàle)

Gabriel García Márquez began his career as a reporter and editor for regional newspapers. His first major work was “The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor”, which he wrote as a newspaper series in 1955. His works have been both fiction and non-fiction. His most commercially successful novel – One Hundred Years of Solitude has sold more than 10 million copies. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1982.

Name: Madonna Wayne Gacy

Birthday: March 6th, 1964

Zodiac: Pisces

Profession: Keyboard player for Marilyn Manson

Born Stephen Gregory Bier Jr., Pogo (his clown name) took his stage name form the singer Madonna and the serial killer John Wayne Gacy. He's usually referred to as Pogo. He's the only member of the band to have never left for any reason since 1989.

He didn't play the keyboard until he joined Manson's band. He has played the following other instruments or sound-shaping techniques on Marilyn Manson's albums as well: calliope, Hammond organ, saxophone, theremin, various brass instruments, overdubs, loops, bassoon, acoustic drums, electronic drums, piano, sampling, mellotron, shaker, and synthesizer.He is also responsible for much of the Kabbalic and numerological meanings behind Manson's albums.

Name: Shaquille O'Neal

Birthday: March 6th, 1972

Zodiac: Pisces

Profession: Professional basketball player

Shaquille Rashann O'Neal or simply Shaq, is one of the most famous American pro basketball players on the court today. He's also regarded as one of the most dominant players in the NBA. He started his basketball career since Junior High School – playing for Robert G. Cole JHS in San Antonio, TX. He became player of the year in High School and won the state title in his senior year.

He spent time under Magic Johnson before moving to Orlando to join Orlando Magic in 1992. He joined the LA Lakers in 1995 until 2004 when he joined Miami Heat. He plays for Miami Heat now.

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