Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Birthday Parties Pressure On Parents

Yesterday I wrote a little bit on how birthday parties can be putting pressure on kids and how it might affect them in the future. Birthday parties don't just affect kids, they impact parents too.

  • Parents might not agree with each other on how big the party is and how it should be executed.
  • They can get in debt to organize their own parties or from buying gifts for other parites.
  • They might not have enough energy fo so much of planning, shopping, preparing... (well you get the idea). They might be overloaded and have too much stuff to do after the party too.
  • They might feel pressured to 'live up to' the community standards and to “make their child happy”.

You can read more about all this and interact with parents on Birthdays Without Pressure. I'll also have it up on the side bar so you can check them out.

And talk about birthday parties for kids, check out this ecard especially made for them.

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